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The Effects Of Facebook On Family Gathering - 1932 Words

Mock Genre Essay #3 Facebook post: Family Gathering Had a great time at the welcome home party for my uncle Billy who just returned back from California for the first time since he left. It was only 6 months but for a family that’s as close as mine it an extremely long time. It was a great welcome home party and everyone had a good time not just my uncle. Reflection The Facebook genre is very casual and informal. It can cover almost anything but mainly is focused on things that happen over the course of your day. Anyone that has or decides to create a Facebook account is able to participate in these posts. Facebook is not limited to any group and all people write on Facebook for their friends to read. The purpose of this genre is to†¦show more content†¦All kinds of people use twitter as a means of communication and their tweets can be seen by their followers or people who view their profile. This genres purpose is to inform people about events in a quick and informal way. Some rhetorical device that are in this form of writing are hashtags, pictures and tags. The danger that comes with writing in this genre is that twitter lacks privacy and anyone can see what is said. Memo to Officer Pearson From: David Dempsey To: Officer Pearson Re: Speeding ticket Date: 11-4-15 Dear Officer Pearson. I hope you are able to enjoy this lovely weather. I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. It is not often that officers give people the chance to write back in request to waive a ticket, and for that it is greatly appreciated Busy at work traffic not careful. Last Tuesday I was driving down Main Street and I was pulled over and received a ticket. The officer reported that I was going fifty miles per hour in a forty mile per hour speed limit.. So my day started at 6:00am when I got up to prepare and get ready for my 8:00am, I jumped in the car and was on my way to class. The traffic every day is typically bad but this day was a lot different, the traffic I experienced was like nothing I have seen in the past and I ended up getting off the highway much later than I anticipated. In a rush and caught up in the shortage of time that I had I was traveling a few miles faster than I should have

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Client Complaints Diagnosis And Risk Factors Associated...

Client Complaints: The patient complained of crushing chest pain that radiated to his neck and jaw, short of breath (SOB) with exertion, and diaphoretic that had been going on for four hours that day. HPI (History of Present Illness): The patient major symptom of chest pain, accompanied by SOB and diaphoresis prompted him to seek help in the emergency room (ER). He had this similar symptoms that eased up with rest for the past six months. However, in the past four days the symptoms became severe and unbearable. The patient returns to the hospital for follow up visit regarding the stent placement and review of risk factors associated with angina. The patient is still apprehensive of experiencing another episode of angina. PMH (Past†¦show more content†¦Social/Personal History (occupation, lifestyle—diet, exercise, substance use): The patient is a licensed carpenter and is the sole provider for his household. He lives with his wife in a small apartment in an inner city. He admits that he does not get involved in physical activities due to unsafe neighborhood with high crime rate. He has no hobbies and prefer to read at home. He eats one large meal a day after work, misses breakfast majority of the times. He admits eating unhealthy meals for lunch, few serving of fruits and vegetables, and high- calorie food mostly pasta and meat at home. He does not engage in any street drugs or alcohol intake, however he admits smoking cigarette one pack per day for the past thirty years. Description of Client’s Support System: The patient lack strong support system. He live with wife who is currently disabled with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. Their three grown-up children live in a different area. He lacks community socialization due to majority of the population living at the poverty level and barely have emotional or social support since there are no relatives living in their city. Behavioral or Nonverbal Messages: The patient is the sole bread winner in the family and experiences some nervousness going back to work due to finances. His self-efficacy is disrupted as he is not sure if he is capable of caring for himself and his

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Psy 240 the Nature-Nurture Issue free essay sample

The Nature-Nurture Issue The nature versus nurture perspectives have been have been argued for centuries. The pro-nature perspective follows the theory that genetics and biological inheritance determine behavior, internal forces or stimuli; the pro-nurture perspective follows the belief or theory that experience and environment determine behavior, external forces or external stimuli. The psychology field known as biopsychology researches the aspects of both perspectives using critical thinking and research practices to determine the effects of both of these perspectives on human behavior; the control groups used in experimentation can be human or non-human subjects of a similar species. (Pinel. (2009)). The flaw in attempting to determine what degree of behavior is attributed to nature and what degree is attributed to nurture is that both of these perspectives play a role in how and why a behavior is exhibited. Some of the behaviors which individuals exhibit can be linked to animal or primal instinct, these are behaviors based on nature; however, we must consider that the primal fears we have as children such as fear of the dark, often no longer exhibited in the individual as an adult. We will write a custom essay sample on Psy 240 the Nature-Nurture Issue or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This change in the behavior can be attributed to experience over time, the nurture perspective agrees with experience’s influence in behavior. (Pinel. (2009)). The brain is the central focus of the study of biopsychology, and researchers have determined that the brain’s functions are responsible for human behavior; research has determined the neuroplasticity theory of the brain changing based on both genetics and experience. The neuroplasticity of the human brain can be used as an example of why it is important to consider how much of behavior is based on genetics and how much is based on environment; however, it would be difficult if not impossible to determine what portion of behavior is nature or nurture because both effect behavior based on the neuroplasticity theory There are genetic factors that can affect behavior; however, experience and nurturing can assist in controlling some behaviors based on learning or the xpectations set for an individual. This idea makes sense that both genetics (nature) and environment (nurture) play important roles in behavior, the behavior of an individual may change over the course of a lifetime. (Pinel. (2009)). Reference Pinel, J. P. J. (2009). Biopsychology. Boston, MA: Pearson.

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Scarlet Letter and Feminism free essay sample

Hawthorne’s views and opinions influenced his writing as the Puritans and transcendentalists of the eighteen hundreds viewed women in different ways. The Puritan society was a society centered on the males. It was a common belief that men are superior to women. The thought was supported by the church, which is a big deal (because life revolved around God and pleasing him), in sermons that preached that â€Å"the soul had two parts, the immortal masculine half, and the mortal feminine side. †1 Women were not included in church or town meetings because they were expected to stay home and be a house wife. The fact that the names Patience, Silence, Fear, Prudence, Comfort, Hopestill, and Be Fruitful1 were common names for girls puts women’s place in society into perspective. Women were not supposed to leaders and active members of the community, but more of second class citizens that obeyed the real leaders, men. We will write a custom essay sample on Scarlet Letter and Feminism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Their main focus was to bear children, tend to the house, and obey the man of the house. With marital sex being encouraged, the status of women was elevated. However, women were typically not trusted in the community as daughters of Eve because it was thought they were naturally greedy for power. With no trust in women, people did not doubt that some of the women in Puritan society were â€Å"witches†. During the Salem witchcraft trials the accused were almost all women with a few exceptions of men being accused. During the Puritanical time women did not ban together and were not viewed upon well. Often women made it worse for other women like in the Salem witchcraft trials it was predominantly women accusing other women. The first chapter in the Scarlet epitomizes the Puritanical view on women. The women of the community thought that Hester’s punishment should be far more severe, to the point hat execution was an option. â€Å"The ugliest as well as the most pitiless of these self-constituted judges,† (36) was the biggest advocate of Hester’s desired demise. It can be implied that based on Hawthorne’s description of the woman’s physical appearance he is also referring to her personality. She is ugly on the outside and inside. These P uritan women were evil and cruel. The overall view Puritans had on women was that their job was to be obedient, helpful, caregivers in a male centered society. The Puritans were a very classical society. Transcendentalism was a fresh new idea that started in the eighteen hundreds. Transcendentalism is the idea that all people equally know themselves and how the world around them is more than what meets the eye. Transcendentalism at the very beginning was influenced by women. In the Transcendentalist Group Margaret Fuller was a major contributor. She was a proponent of Brook Farm, which was an idealist town that lived with Transcendentalist views. More importantly she was the main editor of The Dial, the newspaper that the Transcendentalist Group published. She had final say as to what the group would put in print for the public; a huge job for a women of the times. The responsibility Fuller had was not common and demonstrates how Transcendentalists were giving women more rights. In the group and her especially they stood for women’s rights. This was the beginning of the women’s suffrage movement. Other women such as the Peabody sisters were also important people in the Transcendentalist movement. They were big proponent of education for women. One of the sisters was a trailblazer becoming the first women publisher and owning a book store popular with social reformist. One of the other two sisters, Sophia Peabody, married Hawthorne. Being a Transcendentalist, Hawthorne, was very much influenced by Transcendentalist thoughts and opinions. It can be said that he projects his progressive feminist views and opinions of the eighteen hundreds into his novel. The Scarlet Letter therefore cannot be seen as a true representation of Puritanical society. He is casting his views on a society with completely different values, which he may not have even completely understood. Hawthorne’s portrayal of Hester as the main character who is a strong and self-sufficient women is a view that a Transcendentalist would have on woman. It is not the view a Puritan would have on women. As the protagonist in a feminist novel, Hester displays her strength and superiority to men both morally and with internal strength while challenging traditional gender roles. In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester Prynne is the main character and protagonist throughout the novel. The entire novel is based around the sin of Hester. The novel is based off her actions. Every step of the way through the novel Hester is involved in one or another. Sometimes she is directly involved and in other scenes she is indirectly involved. When Pearl and she are being ridiculed in the town square she is a main part of the scene. She is indirectly involved in a scene like when Chillingworth examines the chest of Dimmsdale. Although she is not literally in the scene, the scene would never have taken place without her â€Å"betraying† Chillingworth. So even when Hester is not present in the scene she is still involved. As the protagonist in the novel, Hester displays her superiority over men in one way by being much more mentally tough than the main male characters. Mental toughness refers to how calm and poised Hester is when she faces adversity. Hester accepts the fact that she has sinned and is willing to accept responsibility for her actions. She does run away from her punishment, but takes it in stride. By accepting responsibility for her actions she immediately expresses that she is stronger than Chillingworth. The reason that Hester committed adultery is because Chillingworth was a bad husband to her making it so that she could never love him. Chillingworth proves the fact that Hester could never love her when she exclaims, â€Å"I hate the man† (120). Hester at that point is fed up with Chillingworth’s vengeful plan to hurt Dimmsdale. Chillingworth never once accepts or realizes that he is the root cause for her misbehavior instead blaming Dimmsdale. The consequence of Chillingworth being a bad husband is that Hester now loves Dimmsdale. Chillingworth displays his inferiority to Hester as he does not accept the consequences of his actions while she does accept responsibility. Hester also shows strength by not letting the â€Å"A† ruin her life. Instead of going into complete seclusion Hester embraces the â€Å"A† by embroidering it and making the embroidery very elaborate. Making the â€Å"A† ornate implies that she knows she is wrong and has sinned, but is not going to let the sin ruin the rest of her life like the â€Å"A† tarnishes her clothing. Over the next several years while wearing the â€Å"A† Hester does nothing, but good for the community. Through her charitable work in the community and time Hester is eventually offered the opportunity to remove the â€Å"A† from her chest, but declines. By keeping the â€Å"A† on her bosom Hester is telling the community that she is strong enough to continue wearing the â€Å"A† in public unlike her male counterpart, Dimmsdale who is not strong enough. He must wear a shirt over the scarlet letter he has given himself. Not only is Hester mentally tough enough to continue wearing the â€Å"A†, but she also knows that taking off the â€Å"A† is morally wrong because the fact has not changed that she has still sinned. Hester is not only tougher than men in the novel, but she is also morally superior. She may have sinned and committed adultery, but the male characters also sinned. Dimmsdale had sex outside of marriage which is not as bad as adultery, but he never admits his guilt making his actions inferior to Hester. Chillingworth worth throughout the novel plans and tries to inflict as much harm as possible on Dimmsdale which can be considered worse than Hester’s sin. Both Dimmsdale and Chillingworth conceal their sins and never accept their punishment for their sin which tells you about their character. Their moral standard must be lower if they cannot live up to what they have done. Dimmsdale in particular openly denied his sin to Pearl and Hester. When he replies, â€Å"Nay; not so, my little Pearl! † (105) to Pearl’s request to stand with her mother and her at noon, Dimmsdale is not only denying his sin, but also the product of his sin. Lying alone is a sin yet Dimmsdale keeps lying to himself and the public about who he really is as a person. Even though the novel is based on Hester’s sin her, sin is not the worse sin committed in the novel. Hester’s morality is really exemplified when she refuses to tell the town who fathered her child. Nothing good can come of her letting the father be known. If Hester tells the town that their beloved minister is the offender who impregnated her, the town would be devastated. One of the most trusted members of the community would be cast in a different light. He would no longer be an upstanding member in the community or church and the town would no longer have a reverend. She realizes that no one would benefit from the knowledge and wants what is best for everyone. It is obvious her morality is superior to men here because she knows it would be easy to tell the town, but telling the town would also be wrong. Men in the novel frequently take the easy way out instead of the right way. Unlike men in the novel Hester did not take the easy way out. She was a single mother raising a child all by herself and instilled very strong morals in her daughter Pearl. Even though Pearl may seem like a dark child her intuition between right and wrong is almost always right. She appears to be able to tell the morally right and wrong apart from each other when others are not able to see what she sees. Before anyone in the novel realizes that Chillingworth is evil Pearl warns her mother to, â€Å"Come away or yonder old Black Man will catch you! † (92) like he has caught the minister. Pearl is referring to Chillingworth as the Black Man. Since this is early on in the novel it could be a foreshadowing of what Chillingworth will become later. Her sense of morality is especially heightened around Dimmsdale and her mother though. She does not let her mother take the â€Å"A† off her chest even though it makes Hester happy because Pearl knows it is wrong not to accept one’s actions. Pearl realizes that the â€Å"A† represents her and by her mother taking the â€Å"A† off, Hester is saying that Pearl is wrong. Pearl throughout the novel is a dark child because she is smart child. She figures out that Dimmsdale is wrong in denying her. As soon as Dimmsdale begins accepting Pearl it is almost as though she becomes a different person. She is no longer dark, but a very bright child. This occurs because she knows it is right for Dimmsdale to accept her. Dimmsdale is morally right for accepting her and his acceptance changes Pearl. In the novel Pearl has one of the strongest senses of morality which can be directly attribute to her mother who remains calm in the face of adversity because of her mental and moral strength. Throughout society Hester is treated by everyone as if she is the devil all because she committed a sin. In the community Hester is by far not the only sinner and therefore is being judged by hypocrites. Hester’s judgment is almost identical a scene in the bible when a women is about to be stoned to death until Jesus speaks to the crowd that â€Å"the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. Jesus’ quote makes the people realize that they all are sinners no matter what they think. It is the same with Hester, she is not the only sinner in town, but she is the only one who has been publicly criticized. It can be said the other sinners in the town who have not publicly admitted their sin are worse than Hester, even if they committed a lesser sin. They would be worse because by not admitting their sin they cannot repent and make good for their sin, making them even more hypocritical when they chastise Hester. The Scarlet Letter through and through is a feminist novel. Hawthorne makes it very clear the novel is a feminist one by constantly challenging gender roles and exposing a double standard. Hawthorne demonstrates his challenging of gender roles particularly through the characters of Hester and Dimmsdale. Hawthorne first challenges gender roles by making Hester the most important character in the novel. Women were not typically the stars of novels then, but side characters. By making Hester more important than men Hawthorne challenged the men first society that both Hester and Hawthorne lived in. A feminist ideal that Hester really exemplifies is that she is self-sufficient woman. She does not need a man to help her and tell her what to do. Hester raised Pearl as a single mother in a time where being a single parent would be unheard of. By raising Pearl well Hester proves that she does not need men, a feministic quality. The most important way that Hawthorne challenges gender role though may be through Hester’s sin. Hester sleeps with a man other than her husband and therefore is choosing her own lover. She is not trapped in the male centered society where a woman has no choice in her man and must marry a man even if she does not love him. She proves that she is not stuck with one man and has a choice. The idea that a woman is choosing her lover is really challenging gender roles. It is challenging gender roles because men were always considered the leader of the family unit and the dominant figure. By not being subject to one man Hester proves she is the dominant figure in her relationships. Hawthorne not only challenges gender roles through Hester, but also through Dimmsdale. The traditional view of a man is strong provider who is honest and hardworking with a good set of morals. A hardworking man does not take the easy way out, he takes the high road. Examining the characters, the above description fits Hester a lot better than it does Dimmsdale. Dimmsdale cannot be considered an honest man with a good set of morals, which is ironic because he is a reverend. He refuses to admit to his sin with Hester publicly. He takes the easy way out by letting Hester take all the blame for the sin. If he would have taken the high road by admitting his wrong and moving forward he would have been fulfilling his gender role. By not fitting into the traditional gender role of a man, Dimmsdale makes Hester the more dominant person in the relationship. Hawthorne specifically challenges traditional gender roles in society by reversing the roles and making the female dominant over the male. The female over the male is the epitome of feminist thought. In Hawthorne’s ground breaking novel, The Scarlet Letter, he implements his transcendentalist’s views to create America’s first feminist novel. I personally believe that this is America’s first great novel and feminist novel all in one. He is the first one to capture America without a European lens and does so with his own beliefs influencing his writing. Unlike Europeans who wrote about the elite and aristocratic, Hawthorne wrote about an everyday normal city, something that is distinctly American. His transcendentalist views made him put feminism at the forefront of issues. I think that a main goal of this novel is for the advancement of women. Throughout the novel he promotes feminism in many different ways. He creates a female character, the protagonist, that is superior to men both morally and inner strength wise. By doing so he is challenging the status quo and the traditional gender roles of men and women. In addition Hawthorne exposes how there is a double standard between men and women and their punishment for the same crime. Women are normally treated more harshly than a man, which is completely wrong and goes against equality for women. Outside research 1 (http://www. ushistory. org/us/3d. asp) http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/transcendentalism/ http://www. ushistory. org/us/26f. asp

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Tough Guise Essays

Tough Guise Essays Tough Guise Paper Tough Guise Paper In the film Tough Guise, featuring Jackson Katz it touched on the topic violent males or violent masculinity. Jackson Katz reviewed that about 86 percent of armed rob berries, 90 percent of murders, 99 percent of rapes and 98 percent of violence on women are all committed by men. When we talk about violence in America, whether its mass shootings in the r ell world or violence in our movies, media and video games, were almost always talking a bout violent auscultation. Says Jackson Katz from the Tough Guise video. Also (Katz,2014) in the video it says that the statistics tell the story, the overwhelming majority of violence ilk e; sexual assault, mass shootings, murder, and domestic violence resulting in physical injury, is committed by men and boys. ( Katz,2014) . Now (Katz,2014) this is not because all men are violent. Most men arent, or dont mean to be. Most of these crimes take place because these boo yes were taught that they needed to be violent to be mas culine. This is not the boys fault, it is the way our society is. They see males taking the lead role all over our society. I feel that boys and you Eng men learn early on that being a scalded man mean you have to take on a tough guy imam GE. Men are basically taught to only show the world a certain part of themselves, they are not allowed to show their emotions. (Katz, 2014) All for this dominant culture that has defined being manly as; being physically strong, powerful, physically intimidating, independent, in con troll, and that they an scare people. Also Katz says, If they are athletic or muscular they are see n as the top dog. All of these traits are seen as guidelines to be a real man that is respected. The e media nowadays is showing our culture that being violent is equivalent to being masculine. I would disagree with this topic. I understand fully that if you see something everyday you tend to feel that, that is the way of life and how you should also act. Howe ever also feel that you should know what is right and what is wrong. Therefore if you see a man rutting another male or female to get what he wants you shouldnt take that has, that man bee Eng masculine. You should instead take that as being wrong. Therefore I believe that violent masc. linty is not a taught behavior but a chosen behavior with that excuse.

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Evaluative argument Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evaluative argument - Assignment Example Hence, the two sides agree on one thing that video games should be played sparingly to enable an individual balance with work or assigned duties because of its addictive nature. This paper will focus on the effects of video games. Most video games have negative implications for children or adults because they shape the way individuals thinks and modifies their behaviors. For instance, some video games such as â€Å"Mortal Combat† contain violence, which affects the behavior of the player (Mullan 5). This makes the player develop aggressive thoughts, feelings, and actions towards the third party (Mullan 5). Similarly, it makes the players develop decreased pro-social of helping making it have a harmful effect. The violent nature of video games is because of its interactive nature since the players are rewarded for being violent (Mullan 7). In addition, the players become in control of the violence experience through killing, stabbing, shooting, among others depending on the programming of the game (Greitemeyer 500). Hence, the active participation makes the players learn the violent behaviors, which they might exercise after the end of the game (Mullan 7). Secondly, video games make the players become socially isolated since they spend most of their time playing games than interacting with other peers (Kim, Byungjoon and Robert 22). Those who become addicted to video games spend little or no time to do their homework, read, sports and interact with family members, hence contributing to their isolation. In many cases, a child who is used to interacting with the game finds pleasure in games than bonding with family members. This makes others lock themselves as they play the game. In other instances, gamers stay away from others whom they feel interferes with their gaming ability. For this reason, many children will abscond their duties assigned to create